Submit Now – First Prize $500…

Presented by The Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network*.

The Type 1 Diabetes Video Festival is a fun, creative competition designed to engage the transitioning generation of people with Type 1 Diabetes: those aged 14-28.

It’s an exciting new way to communicate your stories: the challenges of becoming an adult while dealing with diabetes. This year’s theme is “Living with Diabetes”**.

The T1D Video Festival offers a 1st place cash prize of $500!

Submissions will be accepted from July 1st – September 30th, 2017. Winners will be announced shortly after.

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**The theme of the summer 2017 Festival is “Living with Diabetes”. But it’s important to note that submissions need not be a literal reflection of the theme. That is to say, creative interpretations of Living with Diabetes are more than welcome. Go to Rules and Regulations for more info.